About The APSS Founder

The American Pro Surfing Series is all about bringing together world class surfers for high level American surf competitions.

Scott Waring APSS

I come at these events from a unique perspective……I have been a competitor at both the amateur and professional levels. I was part of the PSAA/Bud Surf Tour as a traveling judge and head judge of the PSTA. I’ve been head judge at the OP Pro and currently judge the WSL Big Wave Tour. I’ve been a rep, surf shop owner, team manager, coach and finally event promotor. I’ve worked with both endemic and nonendemic sponsors from conception to the successful fruition of an event.

I obtain sponsorships, reach out to the surfers, hire the staff and finally run the event.

These events are a passion of mine because I love this sport. I love competitive surfing. These WQS events are important because even more than points, young surfers need to learn from their peers. Looking up to the older local ripper and testing your skills against them builds confidence and experience. We are missing that aspect in the sport currently. There are plenty of opportunities for the junior surfer but a huge gap in the middle. I want to work toward providing more opportunities at the WQS level here at home. We can’t put surfers out to pasture at the ripe old age of 17 when we have world class surfers in their 20s and 30s. We must utilize these athletes to teach and mentor our younger surfers.

~ Scott