Caption: A moody day in Huntington Beach, California, sets the scene for opening day of the Jack’s Surfboards Pro QS 1,500.
Credit: © WSL / Andrew Nichols

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California/USA (Friday, March 23, 2018) – Opening day action at the World Surf League (WSL) Men’s Qualifying Series (QS) Jack’s Surfboards Pro QS 1,500 has been called ON for an 8:00 a.m. PST start. Stop No. 3 of the North America Regional Men’s QS schedule is off and running in three-to-four foot surf at the Huntington Beach Pier. A marathon weekend of competition will begin with Round One’s, Round of 128 and event organizers, along with competitors, are ready.

“It’s great to see Jack’s Surfboards get back on board for another year and give these guys some more opportunity on the QS,” WSL North America Tour Manager Brian Robbins said. “We got some really good conditions last year to start and it’s looking like more of the same this year with highly contestable surf coming through. It’ll be another big weekend as well, running from 8 a.m. until about 4 p.m. every day – with through Round One and the first eight heats of Round Two on the schedule today. Everyone’s really excited to get things started and good luck to all our competitors.”

Round One Heat 1 opens up with an international affair of Alan Cleland (MEX), Phillippe Chagas (BRA), Wyatt Jeffers (USA), Taishi Kawabata (JPN) doing battle for their place into Round Two.

A late entry pushed QS standout Parker Coffin (USA) to Round One Heat 2 where he’ll face Kalum Temple (CAN), Kainaru Kato (HAW), and Takumi Yasui (JPN).

Former Championship Tour (CT) competitor Nathan Yeomans (USA) is back in a jersey for Round One Heat 10 against Willie Safreed (USA), Preston Dexter (USA) and Chase Rasse (USA).

Round One wraps up with one last international bout as North American Parker Swoish (USA) takes on Nicaraguans Jackson Obando (NIC) and Kevin Cortez (NIC), along with Japanese competitor Souichiro Yuki (JPN) in Heat 16.

Tune in LIVE beginning at 8:00 a.m. PST for Round One action to kick off the 2018 Jack’s Surfboards Pro QS 1,500 at


The Jack’s Surfboards Pro QS 1,500 will run at the Huntington Beach Pier, California, from Friday March 23 – 25.

Upcoming Jack’s Surfboards Pro QS 1,500 Round One Match-Ups:
Heat 1: Alan Cleland (MEX), Phillippe Chagas (BRA), Wyatt Jeffers (USA), Taishi Kawabata (JPN)
Heat 2: Parker Coffin (USA), Kalum Temple (CAN), Kainaru Kato (HAW), Takumi Yasui (JPN)
Heat 3: Rory Reep (USA), Miyu Furukawa (JPN), Jared Gogue (GUM), Lucas Taub (USA)
Heat 4: Remy Juboori (USA), Wil Reid (USA), Theo Fresia (BRA), Sam Neiger (USA)
Heat 5: Gabriel Adisaka (BRA), Bjorn Hazelquist (USA), Taishi Kume (JPN), Matty Costa (HAW)
Heat 6: Colt Ward (USA), Travis Southworth (MEX), Sasha Donnanno (MEX), Icaro Rodrigues (BRA)
Heat 7: Evan Valiere (HAW), Robbie McMormick (USA), Chris Waring (USA), Kevin Dand (USA)
Heat 8: Frank Chenault (USA), Taylor Hutchinson (AUS), Jose Lopez (VEN), Alex Kamkoff (USA)
Heat 9: Tyler Thornsley (USA), Joel Bishop (USA), Dimitri Poulos (USA), Yugo Kawabata (JPN)
Heat 10: Nathan Yeomans (USA), Willie Safreed (USA), Preston Dexter (USA), Chase Rasse (USA)
Heat 11: Tales Araujo (BRA), Austin Finley (USA), Daniel Templar (USA), Ethan Mudge (USA)
Heat 12: Branden Defilippo (USA), Brandon Mitchell (USA), Hagan Johnson (USA), John Skolnick (USA)
Heat 13: Laheki Minamishen (USA), Hiroya Miwa (JPN), Dennis Rizzo (USA), Cole Carlton (USA)
Heat 14: Landon McNamara (HAW), Hunter Lysaught (USA), Sage Burke (USA), Richie Schmidt (USA)
Heat 15: Jake Marshall (USA), Eddie Lester (USA), Sam Coffey (USA), Steven Rousseau (USA)
Heat 16: Parker Swoish (USA), Jackson Obando (NIC), Kevin Cortez (NIC), Souichiro Yuki (JPN)